Movimento’s Automotive Software Services Save Car Manufacturers and Tier-1 Suppliers Time and Money

In the automotive industry, both OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers carry a great responsibility. They must provide consistently safe vehicles equipped with flawless software. Drivers, economies, and entire societies depend on them. Movimento’s comprehensive software management services provide the support needed to reliably deliver vehicles with the most up-to-date and reliable software. From in-plant installation to global reflashing, our software management services alleviate the logistical burdens manufacturers face when adjusting to an increasingly software-defined industry. Movimento successfully reflashes over three million vehicles every year. Our innovative technology and global team of software management experts streamline the delivery of street-ready vehicles by ensuring efficient, accurate and reliable software installation and providing timely reflashing services at any point in the supply chain, thereby preventing complicated recalls.

In-Plant Services

Our in-plant software installation utilizes an over-the-air system to sync individual modules with the appropriate software at the point of installation. This minimizes the number of modules, greatly reducing the dedicated storage space a production plant needs for individual modules as well as the complexity of assembly. By syncing modules and software on the line, this method also eliminates the step of sending modules to a sorting hub to be serialized before coming to the plant.

Our installation method can especially save time and money in cases where a software revision has been issued during the course of production. Instead of sending new software to the production plant, reflashing all the existing modules, and continuing to program modules with old software, our method allows for the very next module on the line to be installed with the new software once a revision is issued. The solution completely redesigns a plant’s production line and solves many of the logistical complexities that are currently associated with updating modules already in production.

Reflashing Services

Our years of experience in automotive reflashing give us an unmatched degree of expertise in the subtleties of different makes and modules, as well as a base of trust working with ports and quality-check partners around the globe. Our experience, coupled with our innovative reflashing technology, allows us to quickly track down VIN lists on vehicles around the world and perform on-the-spot reflashes.


The Movimento Difference: Technology and Experience

Movimento provides the most efficient and reliable software management services available because we address the challenges at every step of the automotive supply chain. We understand the gravity and the challenges of an OEM’s responsibility to provide safe, reliable, software-enabled vehicles, and we have leveraged the most innovative technologies available to solve those challenges and streamline production.

We are proud to have developed a foundation of trust and experience with suppliers around the world by providing swift, accurate software reflashing and streamlining in-plant production. Connect with Movimento to learn more about our software management services.

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