Reflash Services

Emergency On-Site Reflash

Movimento’s staff is on call 24/7 for global emergency reflash support. Teams can be on site in as a little as 24 hours from initial contact.

Preproduction Flash

With dedicated reflash support for preproduction teams, Movimento provides on-site support, with OTA support in development. 

In-Plant Flash

In-plant flash (IPF) support is provided 24/7, 365 days a year, both remote and on-site. Whatever your reflash needs, Movimento is there. 

Cloud Services

Through Nuvolo Cloud Services, you can track project status, review production, and submit service requests online.

Let the Numbers Speak

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Years of Expert Service

Emergency On-Site Reflash

Solving Your Emergency Reflash Challenges: Fast

Time-critical software issues can occur when you least expect them, disrupting your operations and impacting delivery schedules.

For twenty years, Movimento has provided fast and accurate emergency support for clients in need of emergency reflash services.

Not only does Movimento provide the peace of mind that comes with a 99.9% overall success rate, our teams generally work faster and more cost effectively than in-house alternatives.

24/7 Availability

Movimento's reflash teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year to support emergency on-site reflash campaigns.

Quick Deployment

Movimento can deploy teams in as little as 24 hours from the time of initial call to provide on-site support.

Cost Effective

Not only is Movimento's on-site support faster than in-house alternatives, it's often more cost effective as well.

Emergency On-Site Reflash

Client results

Emergency reflashes
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Real-time traceability
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Preproduction Flashing

Dedicated Preproduction Reflash Support

Our Preproduction flashing services are designed to handle all of your development team’s flashing needs during vehicle software development.

With a focus on uptime, our team is there to ensure that your software is robust, reliable, and ready for production.

Whether your team is implementing new features, making adjustments for improved efficiency, or addressing potential security vulnerabilities, Movimento is there to support with 100% traceability through Nuvolo Cloud Services.

PUMA Technology

Movimento's plug-and-play PUMA tools enable parallel and multi-module reflash, allowing you to complete flashing quickly.

Extensive Experience

With thousands of preproduction vehicles flashed and reflashed annually, Movimento has a proven track record of success.

100% Traceability

Through Nuvolo Cloud Services, you're provided robust campaign performance tracking and 100% traceability.

PreProduction Flashing

Client results

Modules flashed annually
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Vehicles flashed annually
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In-Plant Flashing

IPF Solutions for Maufacturers

Recognizing the need for on-site, hands-on support for in-plant flashing (IPF), Movimento offers dedicated personnel and hardware solutions.

For module producers and vehicle assembly plants, Movimento provides IPF stations for volume flashing.

Alternatively, mobile PUMA units can “ride the line” with vehicles to accommodate a series of reflashes as vehicles move down the production line.

Movimento can support with as little as 0.5 headcount per plant.

Stationary or Mobile

Whether you need a stationary rig to handle volume flashing, or a mobile device that moves with your vehicle, you're covered.

Cloud Traceability

Through Nuvolo Cloud Services, Movimento provides 100% traceability, campaign management, and performance tracking.

Server Flexibility

Movimento offers a range of server management options, including Movimento-hosted, client-hosted, or a hybrid model.

In-Plant Flashing

Client results

Vehicles in-plant flashed over the past decade
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In-plant locations over the past decade

Nuvolo Cloud Services

Flash and Reflash Cloud Solutions

Nuvolo Cloud Services provides a wide range of functionality to support Movimento’s on-site teams and hardware.

To help manage on-site teams, the Nuvolo Cloud serves as a project management tool to submit and track service requests.

For insights into your production and progress, you can log in and view current and historical production metrics.

For compliance purposes, the Nuvolo Cloud tracks all module flashes with 100% traceability.

Lastly, Movimento technicians use the Nuvolo Cloud to deploy software updates to local devices and rigs.

Project Management

You can use the Nuvolo Cloud to provide critical project information and submit and track service requests.

Production Insights

Through the customer portal, you can view project metrics and compare flash and reflash production and performance.

Software Deployment

The Nuvolo Cloud provides a safe and secure medium for deploying software updates to local devices and rigs.


Nuvolo Makes Troubleshooting Easy

Recently, the CEO of one of the largest automakers in the US experienced an issue with the wireless charging module on a personal vehicle — a module Movimento had flashed.

Thanks to Nuvolo’s tracing capabilities, Moviment quickly determined what software the module had been running previously and what software it was running currently.

The troubleshooting process revealed that the plant had installed older module hardware in some vehicles — including the CEO’s — without documenting the change. Thanks to Nuvolo, the manufacturer was able to quickly fix all the affected vehicles, including the one belonging to the CEO.

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