Movimento’s Solutions For the Automotive Industry:
A Software OTA Platform to Change the Future of Cars

The automotive industry has, in its history, gone through periods of enormous, rapid change. The assembly line made cars available to anyone. Automatic transmission lowered the bar for safely operating a vehicle. And now, with the rise of the Software Defined Car™, vehicles are becoming part of our technologically-integrated lifestyle. That brings with it a set of challenges that major manufacturers and suppliers have to solve. How to securely and seamlessly send software updates over the air. How to collect data from millions of cars to promote continuous development. These are problems in need of a solution.

The Movimento Value For OEMs and Tier-1 Suppliers

Being able to make vehicles and parts that can adapt to software changes without expensive recalls, production-stopping updates, or time-consuming reflashes means being able to compete in an increasingly nimble marketplace. The vehicles being designed now won’t be on the road until 2018, and the software inside them will have to adjust to developments. Being able to do so in real time is incredibly valuable for businesses at all levels of the automotive industry.

The Movimento technology platform can manage software across the entire lifecycle of a vehicle and throughout departmental silos. Our unified software management allows you to:

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Provide seamless over-the-air updates

  • Update software through complete lifecycle

  • Create new value generation opportunities

Creating value generation opportunities means harnessing the Big Data collected from every module to continually adapt and reinvent your products. Modules and parts can be adjusted around large patterns, and micro-targeted at smaller regions and even individual drivers. Being able to offer exactly what any driver needs for their vehicle, region, climate, road conditions, and even skill level means new marketing opportunities.

Deployed From Anywhere

The great benefit of the Movimento technology platform is that it can be deployed from anywhere. This can be on premises, where our in-plant services reduce complexity, decrease errors, and allow for quicker updates without having to shut down a line. Our after-production reflashing tools can turn huge updates into more efficient procedures, whether on the lot or in ports around the globe. And our on-premise data center solution and cloud-based technology allows for seamless and secure over-the-air transmissions, safe for both the driver and the vehicle.

See How The Movimento OTA Technology Platform Can Change Your Business

Automotive history is filled with cautionary examples of manufacturers who couldn’t adjust to changing times. It is also filled with examples of companies who didn’t just adjust, but led the change we take for granted. We’re in the midst of one of those times now. Getting ahead of the era means having the OTA platform to make software integration simple, efficient, and error-free. It means working with companies who know both the automotive world and the tech industry. Movimento is the tech company with automotive DNA and we know the challenges of the future, and how to meet them, so your business can lead the way.

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