Efficient In-Plant Software Updating From Movimento:
A Better Manufacturing System

Efficiency is all about streamlining: fewer steps, less waste, less work, and more results. After years of working to bridge the gap between the automotive and tech industries, Movimento has gained a deep understanding of areas where technology can make a huge impact in streamlining automotive production. We offer in-plant services at the production facility to install and configure software, as well as perform in-plant software reflashes.

Reducing The Number Of Unique Modules Needed To Properly Run a Car

The automotive industry prides itself on efficiency, but as we move toward the era of the software-defined car, the standard method for updating software remains inefficient. Based on the complexity of an OEM’s vehicle program, a typical drivetrain system for a single car model can require over sixty different software variations. The degree of complexity involved in having so many variants of drivetrain control module in-plant means that software and modules have to be matched and sequenced to each vehicle before being fed into the manufacturing line.

OEMs can leverage our in-plant services to reduce the number of unique modules needed in the manufacturing process. This reduction will allow them to:

  • Reduce the labor and complexity involved in maintaining inventory

  • Significantly reduce new software deployment time

  • Automate special on-line functions, reducing labor costs

  • Save floor space and storage by minimizing inventory

  • Integrate on-line and off-line activities into a common architecture

Our software installation reduces complexity by matching PCMs with the correct software at the point of installation. This entirely eliminates the step of sending PCMs to a sorting hub, and greatly reduces shipping costs.

Staying in Sync with Software Advancement

In-plant software management ensures that hardware is always provisioned with the latest software so that vehicles with outdated software never leave the manufacturing line. In contrast to sending outdated software to the production line, and then reflashing every vehicle at each stage of production, Movimento’s software updating services allow the next module to have the latest software installed automatically. In this way, OEMs can significantly reduce the time and money spent on reprogramming the software, and performing complicated global reflashes on already-shipped units. The ability to instantly update software:

  • Lowers the risk of recall

  • Lowers the number of vehicles affected once a software concern is identified

  • Eliminates potential in-market inconsistencies and negative public reaction

Leveraging Our Experience for OEMs and Tier-1 Suppliers

Our team’s years of experience at all levels of the automotive production industry have given us an unparalleled degree of understanding about the reality of in-plant production and the difficulties that software presents in manufacturing. Contact us today to see how we can help you drive your plant more efficiently.

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