Scalable Software Lifecycle Management: Growing at the Speed of Progress

Speed has always defined the car. Scalable software management is about bringing this speed to the technological demands of tomorrow’s auto industry. Today’s cars are defined in millions of lines of software code – ten times more than the latest aircrafts. In this era of the software-defined car, the speed at which OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers adapt to and integrate software advancements will be the defining factor of their success. Movimento offers a multi-tiered set of products and services capable of expediting production with cutting-edge reflash technology, in-plant software services to streamline production, and OTA reflashing. Movimento leads the industry in providing comprehensive software management to transition the automotive industry into the era of software-defined cars.

Go Wireless: Streamlining the Production Line

The old rail system of software installation for automotive production lines is rapidly being surpassed by our wireless software installation service. The new wireless technology matches modules with the correct software in-plant, on the line, and at the point of installation. This is a radical shift from the old model of sorting and serializing modules at the sorting hub, then taking up floor space storing numerous different modules in the plant. OEMs currently leverage our in-plant service to reduce the number of different modules. With Movimento’s in-plant services, OEMs can greatly improve their operational efficiency by:

  • Cutting costs through less modules in inventory

  • Instantly updating software installation, reducing the need for reflashing and recalls

  • Reducing safety hazards associated with the old rail systems

With our in-plant software management, new software versions released for production by the software engineering team can be programmed into the very next module rather than continuing to program new hardware with outdated software.

A New Era for Automotive Software Reflash

The traditional method of automotive software reflash is logistically challenging, with slow reflash systems being used to update software on thousands of cars in the lot.

One of our most influential developments in the automotive industry has been to resolve the logistical complications of automotive reflashing. Our tools and technologies save time and reduce complexity when reflashing, instantly updating software while working exponentially faster than traditional solutions. This technology is enhanced by our years of experience and logistical expertise, which we leverage to provide rapid global services to handle any reflash job.

  • Scalable software within the build of the vehicle

  • OTA technology that can be easily installed on any vehicular module at minimal cost

  • A weather-resistant and easy-to-use reflash tool

  • A global network that can mobilize quickly for multi-port reflashing

How OEMs and Tier-1 Suppliers Stay Ahead of the Curve

It is a changing industry, and OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers alike have to adapt both to broad trends and to the immediate demands of software development. Our services for scalable software management include our in-plant programming, OTA update, and global reflashing. From safer, faster, in-plant updating to global, multi-port reflashing, Movimento saves time, money, labor, space, and keeps you on the cutting edge.

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