Movimento Cybersecurity: Keeping the Software Defined Car™ Safe from Hackers

The biggest threat facing today’s cars comes not from carjackers, but from hackers. As the software-defined car replaces the strictly mechanical, security challenges continue to grow, and the idea that a car can be broken into from across the country, or even the globe, is a reality. OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and dealers need to have the tools and the platform necessary to enhance security in real time and in a seamless manner. Movimento’s OTA capabilities leverage years of experience in the tech and automotive industries to meet these requirements, keeping drivers safe, systems uninterrupted, and avoiding costly recalls.

Working Together To Solve A New Kind of Threat

Technology-enabled carjackers post distinctly modern threats to today’s software-defined cars. These threats include:

  • Direct theft of personal data from the on-board infotainment system, including credit card information and personal passwords. As the vehicle grows more fully integrated with networked infrastructure, other automobiles, and connectivity devices, this problem will become more severe.

  • Direct takeover of the driving system, as has been demonstrated by white-hat hackers over the last year. Hackers have shown an ability to cut the engine as well as alter on-board controls.

  • An increase in theft. As we move toward the time of programmable, autonomous cars, there is an increased potential for hackers to remotely reprogram cars to drive themselves out of auto lots and driveways.


These threats can be stopped with Movimento’s OTA technology. Our OTA platform can be leveraged by OEMs and Tier-1 distributors to insert new versions of code delivered directly from the platform to the after-sale vehicles.

With this platform, OEMs and Tier-1 companies have the ability to:

  • Seamlessly update new security measures.

    You never solve security; you just stay ahead of always-evolving hackers. Code that protects you today might be outdated tomorrow, and instead of leaving cars vulnerable, our OTA platform allows security to be constantly and seamlessly updated. It allows cybersecurity technicians to easily communicate with millions of cars, protecting them from the latest threats, without drivers ever needing to act.

  • Prevent attacks as they happen.

    Unauthorized reprogramming of controls can be prevented through programming the inverse measure within 10 milliseconds, thwarting the attack.

  • Defeat warranty fraud.

    By collecting a car’s data, we can tell when it has been hacked or modified in violation of the warranty, saving dealers millions of dollars per year.


If there is one thing that those in the auto industry know, it is that there is a need for speed. As vehicles become more technologically sophisticated, and as black-hat hackers get more ingenious, we will need speed and efficiency to maintain security. There can be no software-enabled or autonomous car without security, but there can be no security without the kind of immediate and seamless protection enabled by Movimento’s Over-The-Air platform. We are making the future of the industry safe for manufacturers, dealers, and drivers.

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At Movimento, we think of ourselves as a tech company with automotive DNA. Our team’s years of experience at all levels of the automotive production industry have given us an unparalleled degree of understanding about the reality of in-plant production and the difficulties that software presents in manufacturing. Contact us today to see how we can help you drive your plant forward.

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