The Future of the Automotive Industry and the Software Defined Car™

Today’s cars are vastly more complex than the pioneers of pistons and combustion engines could ever have imagined. They have become a fully integrated part of our technological lives, as much electronic as mechanical. Our cars are increasingly defined by their software and their ability to adapt. The automotive industry is adopting new methods for updating automotive software to harness Big Data, improve real-time analytical capabilities, and enact the strongest measures in cybersecurity. The software changing the industry today can change in real time tomorrow.

Scalable Software Management

With cutting-edge reflash technology for in-plant through post-sales to on-road, we help our customers streamline production, and avoid costly software or security-related recalls. Through OTA reflashing, we lead the industry in providing comprehensive software services to transition the automotive industry into the era of software-defined cars.

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Vehicular analytics offer our customers a vital base of knowledge and insight to cut costs and optimize resource management. Creating the next generation of vehicles means understanding how every car on the road reacts in every scenario. We provide OEMs with critical applications for proactive maintenance, fraud identification, and driver personalization.

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Real security requires vigilantly updated security algorithms to block out hackers. Our dynamic OTA and in-vehicle protection offers the highest level of encryption, firewalling, and intrusion detection/prevention in addition to a completely isolated red-black architecture. For your peace of mind, it is all encompassed in a system that is easily installed on any existing module.

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Creating a Smarter Way Forward For the Automotive Industry

Cars are becoming smarter, more efficient, and more integrated into every aspect of our lives. The industry has to embrace the flexibility needed to adapt on the fly, implement rapid changes, and anticipate consumer demand. At every stage in the process, Movimento brings technological expertise to the automotive industry. Our solutions and products drive the future.

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