Movimento Press Kit

At Movimento, we’re helping to make software an even more integral part of the vehicle than it already is. By using our advanced technology to help major automobile manufacturers and Tier-1 distributors update and repair the software that runs their vehicles, we are making the process faster and more effective. Reflashing issues now take significantly less time. Complex drivetrain control modules are now less complicated and more powerful. The need for recalls is being eliminated as over-the-air technology allows for real-time, seamless uploading and updating. Data is being collected that makes vehicles safer and more autonomous. It is a different world for the automotive industry, and Movimento is at the heart of it.

About Movimento

Movimento is a global OTA software company that annually updates tens of millions of ECUs in millions of vehicles for leading auto OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers across the globe. Leveraging its technology expertise and decades of experience in the rapidly evolving automotive industry, Movimento partners with best-in-class experts from dispersed industries to bridge the divide between the fabled auto industry in Detroit and the Silicon Valley innovations in technology. The Movimento OTA platform is an innovative solution that combines the three key elements of software lifecycle management, big data analytics and cybersecurity to usher in the new era of the Software Defined Car™.


Download a zip file of logos for Movimento — to use when talking about our products and services.

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For more information and press inquiries email or call +1 734 272 4590.

Social Media

As the automotive industry evolves, analysts and reporters in the media need to keep up with trends so that they can stay ahead of the curve and help their audience make informed decisions. Connect with us today to learn more about how we’re changing the landscape of the automotive industry.

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