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Movimento to Present on Blockchain Technology at Tech Trends Holiday Mixer

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angel_launch_logoMovimento CTO Mahbubul Alam will speak on the significance of blockchain technology at a holiday mixer sponsored by Angel Launch on December 7th in Menlo Park, California. The event will spotlight upcoming tech trends and investment opportunities, with Alam’s talk focusing on how blockchain in particular is primed to take off in 2017— and why it is crucial it is that business leaders understand what’s at stake.

Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized ledger technology database (DLT) designed to record transactions. It’s used in a number of markets, from finance, retail, and IoT to entertainment and health—to name just a few. Its technical structure ensures the accuracy of the information it records in two ways:

  • By tracking each modification of data.
  • By storing the entire lifecycle of each piece of data in all nodes that participate in the blockchain system.

By storing data in all nodes rather than relying on a single system, blockchain disperses authority over that data, creating a comprehensive digital record owned by no one and by everyone at the same time. In a sense, blockchain is a technology that creates and enforces its own trustworthiness—and this has massive implications for enterprise. To learn more about how blockchain is poised to affect individual markets in the coming year, join us at 4:45 P.M. on December 7th.    

For more information, visit the Angel Launch event page.

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