Delphi Automotive Acquires Movimento, Deepening Software Capabilities with OTA Update Technology

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delphi_thumbnailMovimento is pleased to announce its acquisition by Delphi Automotive PLC (NYSE: DLPH). Movimento, a leading provider of secure over-the-air (OTA) software lifecycle and data management services to the automotive industry, will reinforce Delphi’s existing vehicle software platform.

Movimento’s OTA reflashing services allow vehicle owners to update or repair their automotive software wirelessly, regardless of location. This instantaneous transmission provides convenience for consumers while reducing warranty and service costs for manufacturers.

“The acquisition of Movimento strengthens Delphi’s position as a leading end-to-end systems and software provider to the industry as vehicle connectivity becomes increasingly ubiquitous,” said Kevin Clark, president and CEO of Delphi Automotive. “Movimento’s over-the-air capability aligns perfectly with our Control-Tec acquisition last year, allowing Delphi to leverage big data to offer comprehensive product enhancements and service cost savings to our customers.”

Movimento’s other offerings include OTA firmware and feature updates, engine control unit programming, cloud technology compatibility, and cutting-edge cybersecurity. These innovations simplify vehicle software design by enabling single gateway firmware updates across engine control, automated driving, infotainment, and other domains.

With the addition of Movimento’s technology, Delphi will be able to offer an end-to-end connected vehicle platform that can oversee everything from vehicle performance data to system upgrades, consumer behavior data, and 3rd party ancillary services.

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About Delphi

Headquartered in Gillingham, U.K., Delphi Automotive PLC (NYSE: DLPH) is a leading technology company that provides the automotive industry with secure, environmentally friendly network and connection solutions. Delphi operates technical, manufacturing, and customer service centers in 44 countries. For more information, visit Delphi’s website.

About Movimento Group

Movimento Group is a leader in automotive reflash services and OTA software, with decades of excellence in developing technology to realize and support The Software-Defined Car™. Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, the company also has offices in Silicon Valley, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, and China. For more information, visit Movimento’s website.

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