Next Generation Automotive Cybersecurity with Software Defined Perimeter & Blockchain

Movimento Media Coverage

Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento, an Aptiv company and Junaid Islam, CTO & Founder of Vidder talk about creating an automotive cybersecurity model for autonomous vehicles based on blockchain technology and software-defined perimeters. The emergence of autonomous vehicles is radically changing the automotive business. This change is bringing in new revenue generation opportunities for the whole industry, but with it, also new risks – specifically cybersecurity. Since autonomous vehicles are completely dependent on connected software for all aspects of their operation, they are vulnerable to a broad spectrum of cybersecurity attacks. Blockchains enable secure messages that can carry a wide variety of payloads from the status of sensors to the delivery of private encryption on keys while an SDP (Software Defined Perimeter) provides secure in-vehicle and Internet links. Thus, blockchain messages can be used by ECUs to signal management systems on their status. If a situation requires a secure bi-directional link, an SDP connection can be provisioned from a vehicle-to-cloud resource and, once set up, Blockchain can be used to transmit messages between internal vehicle systems. The combination of SDP and Blockchain technology creates a system that is very lightweight and scalable, and yet has the ability to create secure enclaves when required. In addition to supporting telematics and safety applications, this Blockchain/SDP platform can also support multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and thereby be a critical digital payment foundation for the automotive ecosystem.

Read the full article here – Pages 16 & 17.

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