Exploring Automotive Revenue Streams with Mahbubul Alam

Movimento Media Coverage

Ginny Weeks, from Tu-Automotive, explores the revenue streams in a swiftly changing technological automotive landscape with Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento, an Aptiv company and Holger G. Weiss, CEO/Founder at German AutoLabs. Both the industry leaders emphasized on the creation of a collaborative system within the auto industry, particularly to enhance cybersecurity and in-vehicle operating systems. While identifying key applications for the auto industry, Mr. Alam says, “The ability of the leadership to identify and understand the application, without taking it at its face value; understand where in the network it applies, its nature of impact and the capability of driving the business’s talent pool accordingly is important.” They also talk about automotive cybersecurity, automotive data privacy and creating the right automotive business model for aftermarket revenue generation opportunities.

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