Connected Car Battle Lines Are Drawn Between 5G & DSRC

Movimento Media Coverage

5G connectivity is heating up but Guy Bird asks, is DSRC done for?

Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento discusses, “If we use DSRC for V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), we have to spend billions of dollars to build the infrastructure for V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure),” he begins. “A new infrastructure has to be built along with a roadmap that shows the return on investment and the ownership of the project, which would probably be the government. 5G has the advantage of cellular technology and carriers that are interested in rolling out different use cases. In this scenario, the carriers pick up the bill for the infrastructure and logically separate it out for mobile internet, smart grids, connected devices, autonomous vehicles and so on. They can monetize the technology in different ways and the infrastructure remains shared.”

Mr. Alam concludes that “The key message is that the window for DSRC to be implemented and become successful is only becoming smaller. No country has billions of dollars to roll out this dedicated infrastructure only for vehicle safety.”

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