Ben Hoffman Featured on IBM’S Genius of Things Summit

Movimento Media Coverage

Movimento CEO and President, Ben Hoffman, was featured on IBM’s Genius of Things Summit in Boston on October 4th, 2017 where he emphasized on the transformation of the automotive industry towards the Software Defined Car™ and Smart Mobility Services. During the session he asked a very important question – How do you engage with an autonomous vehicle? The pace of change is accelerating globally in all industries but there are certain megatrends that are driving the automotive industry including:

  1. Safety: The idea that there would be zero deaths from accidents in the future is now possible.
  2. Green: Electrification of vehicles and reduction in emissions are becoming very popular in the automotive industry.
  3. Connected: Connectivity is the foundation of automated driving and mobility services.
  4. End Markets: Secure connectivity enables traditional OEMs to become new service providers.

Ben concluded by saying that the complexity, mobility and the global reach of the automotive industry has the potential to lead other industries in terms of software and connectivity.

Watch the video here.

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