About Movimento: Creating the Future of the Automotive Industry

From the beginning, we’ve been a company driven by the desire to bring the speed and adaptability of the software industry to the automotive world, transforming both in the process.

The Movimento story began with a challenge – a massive software reflashing project in late 2004. We were awarded a project to design, develop, and supply the reflashing tool for Volvo AB. Our solution: a tool which effectively solved the logistical complexities of large-scale software reflashing after manufacturing. Ever since, our company has been driven by the intellectual and creative thrill of solving the complex problems facing today’s software-enabled vehicle manufacturers.

As we’ve grown to meet these challenges, we’ve recruited top visionaries from Detroit and Silicon Valley to bridge the gap between their fields and move the two industries forward together. It was clear that the automotive industry needed a company that wasn’t just tech and wasn’t just automotive production. They needed a tech company with automotive DNA.

Coming from a wide range of automotive production backgrounds, we could see there was an industry gap that needed to be filled. We knew the technical intricacies and regulatory complexities of installing and maintaining up-to-date software in vehicles. We could also see how technology like the OTA connectivity platform and cybersecurity measures would meet real, immediate needs for automotive software, but also set the groundwork for completely changing the paradigm of what a “car” is. What will the car be to the driver when the driver doesn’t need to drive it?

Movimento Team

It’s a thrilling place to be in history; on the brink of synthesizing some of the most game-changing technological developments that human beings have developed so far- cars and computers- and enabling from their synthesis a new, automated lifestyle.

If you ask anyone on our team why they work at Movimento, they’ll tell you – it’s not about vehicle software. It’s about transformation. Transforming the industry, transforming technology, transforming lifestyles. When you can see the future right in front of you, it’s hard not to stay passionate and driven in pursuit of it. The products and services we offer today are really just the materialization of this vision.

We frequently hold events where Movimento discusses with industry leaders where the technology is going, what to expect, and how it can help businesses at all levels of the automotive world. These events are essential for anyone in business, in the press, or in the public who is curious about the vehicle of tomorrow, and wants to know what it will mean for them. Movimento is a global company- please keep checking this space to find an event near you. Connect with us today to learn more.

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