Our Partners

At Movimento, we’re made stronger by each of our partners. We team up with industry leaders whose technological abilities are matched only by their drive, creativity, and commitment to innovation. With these partners, we look forward to changing the automotive industry and the landscape of the future.

Abalta Technologies, Inc. is an innovative producer of software that bridges the gap between the smartphone and the modern car’s infotainment system. Abalta develops and tests solutions such as WebLink®, SmartLink®, and Eolas® for the automotive and smartphone industries.

Aricent is a global design and engineering company with over 25 years of experience in co-creating products with telecom, networking, software, semiconductor, automotive, Internet, and industrial companies. The firm focuses on developing software-powered innovations for the connected world.

AUPEO! is a leading provider of personalized audio streams for Internet-capable hardware devices. The company offers radio stations that compile individual programs and music suggestions for listeners. AUPEO! cooperates globally with manufacturers in automotive and related industries, including Acer, Asus, Loewe, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Sonos, Toshiba, and Onkyo.

Irdeto offers digital platform security that enables content providers to safely deliver media and other innovative services across all screens and devices inside and outside the home. Irdeto provides solutions in strategy, planning & marketing, media access & management, keys & credentials management, platform security, and piracy & cybercrime management.

HCL Technologies is a leading global IT services company working with clients in areas that impact and redefine the core of their businesses. HCL Technologies, along with its subsidiaries, today operates out of 32 countries and has consolidated revenues of US$ 6.2 billion.

Qualcomm is a provider of 3G, 4G, and next-generation wireless technologies. The company serves automotive, education, healthcare, mobile computing and networking industries through its gamut of products, including 2net, Halo, AllPlay, HealthyCircles, IPQ, Pixtronix, QChat, Small Cells, Vive, Snapdragon, RaptorQ, and WiPower.

Rambus provides semiconductor and IP products, spanning memory, interfaces, security, smart sensors and lighting. These products are integrated into tens of billions of devices and systems and power diverse applications, including Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, consumer, and media platforms. The company’s chips, customizable IP cores, architecture licenses, tools, and training improve the competitive advantage of its customers.

Redstone is a vendor of FOTA solutions in China. Redstone provides intelligent terminals and IOT equipment developers with ROM, APP upgrades, big data analysis, remote diagnosis, position service, equipment management, and SDK (including documentation and SDK package download).

Sierra Wireless provides a comprehensive portfolio of wireless devices, including 2G, 3G, and 4G embedded modules and gateways, which are seamlessly integrated with its secure cloud and connectivity services.

Vidder’s PrecisionAccess™ is a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) framework-based solution that isolates protected applications from all networked users and devices, connecting only authorized users and trusted devices. The resultant new paradigm enables enterprises to achieve flexible security, enhancing cloud migration and business ecosystem collaboration while reducing risk for traditional IT.

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