Movimento and Aricent Unveil Reference Design for Industry’s First Intelligent Car to Cloud Gateway for Big Data Analytics

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Aricent_LogoMassive Amounts of Vehicle Generated Data Can Be Streamed to the Cloud then Used for Continuous Car Improvement, Operational Efficiencies and Value-Added Services  

 Barcelona/Mobile World Congress – February 23, 2016 –  Movimento, the leader in OTA software updates for the auto industry and international product engineering services firm Aricent are unveiling a reference design for an intelligent automotive gateway, that will have a closed-loop OTA analytics solution to continuously update and improve vehicle performance and services. The sensors on today’s automobiles generate enormous amounts of data but until today, virtually all of it has gone uncollected and unanalyzed. That situation has now changed with the introduction of the industry’s first reference design for an on-board gateway and cloud-based service that will intelligently bring data to the cloud and turn that data into easy to understand, insightful business intelligence. The news was released at Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona from February 22-25.

The raw data that is being generated by on-board sensors, cameras, Lidar etc. will only accelerate as ADAS and self-driving cars become a reality – a rate that will reach 1 gigabits per second by 2020, according to an Intel report.  “This data could amount to 5.4 terabytes daily,” explained Mahbubul Alam, CTO of Movimento Group.  “Imagine if this data was analyzed and used to create vehicle improvements and cost savings. We’re currently gathering less than 1% of the data generated,” he added. “Car manufacturers and Tier One vendors have known they need to start making use of all this data but they don’t have the resources to properly collect and analyze it.  Now for the first time, they have a way to develop an intelligent car-to-cloud data analytics solution.”

The in-vehicle communications gateway relies upon Movimento’s smart data agent to selectively gather, aggregate and filter data and then send to the cloud for detailed analysis and action. The gateway links to a car’s internal communications bus and includes all the connectivity, storage and compute power. A cloud-based analytics platform and rules engine developed by Aricent allows the OEM to run both statistical and probabilistic models on the data to determine whether a software or firmware update should be scheduled at an appropriate time, for example at the next schedule maintenance event.

“We’ll work with automotive OEMs to develop a gateway to fit their specific needs,” said Aricent CEO Frank Kern. “We’ve already done the hard work of developing the right hardware and validating that our gateway architecture works. It’s up to OEMs to decide what data is most important to them.”

About Movimento Group
Devoted to developing advanced technologies that help realize The Software-Defined Car™, Movimento Group utilizes its decade long history as a leader in automotive reflash services and its innovations in OTA software.  The company’s car manufacturer customers include GM, FCA and Volvo plus a wide range of Tier-1 suppliers including ZF, Bosch, Denso, Panasonic, Continental, Delphi, Visteon, Magna and others. The company’s headquarter is in Plymouth, Michigan, with offices in the Silicon Valley, Mexico, Sweden, Germany and Asia Pacific.

About Aricent
Aricent is a global design and engineering company innovating for the digital era.  The company has over 25 years of experience with co-creating ambitious products with the top networking, telecom, software, semiconductor, automotive, Internet and industrial companies. The firm’s 12,000-plus engineers focus exclusively on software-powered innovation for the connected world. Key investors are KKR & Co. LP and Sequoia Capital.

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