Mahbubul Alam To Discuss Future of Big Data For Frost and Sullivan

Movimento Media Coverage

rsz_frost-sullivan-logoPerhaps the single defining element of our time is the explosion of data. Millions and billions of connected devices give us information on everything, from minute shifts in atmospheric pressure to the way stocks move at the speed of computing to the sleeping habits of everyone in the Bay Area aged 25-34 wearing a smartwatch. We have enormous amounts of data, but not always the best way to harness it. This is true in the automotive world as well, where the connected car is letting OEMs know everything about how their cars function in every condition, with every variable, with every sort of driver behind the wheel. It’s data that will change the industry, and smart OEMs will be in front of that.

On Thursday, March 10th, Movimento CTO Mahbubul Alam will discuss the role of Big Data in the era of software-defined cars, in an online event with Frost and Sullivan, the technology consulting giant. The briefing will “evaluate the 2015 hits and misses, look back into evolution of autonomous vehicles, Connected Services, emerging markets and the pronounced focus on Connectivity as a key enabler of evolving business models.” Alam will discuss what OEMs can do with the data they are receiving, and how that data can transform into action. As a company at the forefront of merging the automotive and tech worlds, Movimento is uniquely positioned to help companies understand and take advantage of these developments.

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