Mahbubul Alam Discusses the Connected Car on Remarkable Results Radio Podcast

Movimento Media Coverage

Movimento CTO Mahbubul Alam appeared on Remarkable Results Radio, hosted by Carm Capriotto, to talk about CES 2016 and the connected car. Mahbubul was part of a spirited panel of industry insiders and experts, including the technologist John Ellis and Covisint Chief Security Officer David Miller.

The discussion centers around the present and future of the automotive industry,  CES, and what people at the conference did and didn’t understand about the connected car. All participants agreed there was more focus on the “shiny stuff,” but not as much on the technical end. As Mahbubul explained, not everyone even knew that smartphone-based OTA updating is possible. “There is the notion,” he says, “that you need embedded OTA, and only then you can have connectivity. A lot of the cars today you can update. As long as you have Bluetooth, you can download software.”

Please listen to and watch the whole thing, and learn more about this exciting expanding field!

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