Forbes’ CES Roundup: Movimento Brings Tesla-like Functionality to All OEMs

Movimento Media Coverage

forbes best of CES: OTA updates from MovimentoLast fall, Tesla sent a message to those who had bought their latest model, that they could receive updates, over the air, that essentially gave them a new car. They received better infotainment systems, as well as some more ECU upgrades, and, if they opted in, self-driving features. The car had the capability of receiving new software, even before the software had been invented.  This was revolutionary: it meant that the Tesla had inside it the capacity to be, essentially, a new car, without even the need for a recall. While other OEMs were moving toward this, it seemed like Tesla had leaped far ahead. However, with Movimento’s smartphone-based OTA update capability, any automaker can have the same software update functionality as Tesla.

In their CES 2016 Roundup, Forbes’ mobility expert Sarwant Singh writes that Movimento is “showing different approaches to taking a leading position in the secure OTA market,” highlighting our partnerships with Abalta and Mitsubishi. Movimento’s tech can allow any OEM the same instant-update capacity that Tesla seemingly had cornered. This generation of cars can be as connected as what OEMs have planned for five years from now. It is the evolution of Tesla’s revolution.

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