Movimento’s CTO on 5G and the Promise of New Revenue Streams for Telcos

Mahbubul Alam Blog

5g revenue streamsAlthough consumers might not realize it, telecom companies see networks as physical objects through which they can push certain amounts of data at certain speeds. Essentially, networks are a series of dumb pipes, albeit invisible ones. The limitations of each pipe have created revenue challenges for telcos, who have been surpassed by mobile device manufacturers and over-the-top service providers.

But 5G offers a chance to reverse that trend. In an article for RCR Wireless, Movimento CTO Mahbubul Alam outlines how the vast amounts of data necessary to power connected cars will provide telcos the opportunity to once again establish themselves as industry leaders:

The auto sector doesn’t have unlimited pockets when it comes to paying for services, and savvy telcos will realize that not only should this market be very large, but other new services will appear that will help their bottom line. For example, carriers will likely play a bigger role in providing remote diagnostics, remote software updates, remote support and other services to these autonomous vehicles.

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