Mahbubul Alam Profiles Top 2017 Automotive Trends for TechCrunch

Mahbubul Alam Blog

techcrunch-connected-cars-movimentoIn 2017, automotive makers are focusing not only on the physical enhancements they will make to their vehicles, but also on how new technologies can augment their existing systems. Innovations such as integrating blockchain technology into the supply chain, the use of 3D printed parts, and increased investment in autonomous driving capabilities are all expected to increase in the coming year.

As the CTO of Movimento, a firm specializing in adapting new technologies for the automotive industry, Mahbubul Alam is uniquely poised to see which trends automakers are likely to develop further this year. Writing for TechCrunch, Alam predicts the industry will continue to move into the future with ever-increasing levels of technological integration in their production process and the finished product.

Says Alam:

Trends emerge first among early adopters, so watching their behavior is a good crystal ball. The good news for automotive OEMs and vast array of related companies involved in this business is that there will likely be more funding available next year to develop new technologies embraced by these early adopters and refine current ones due to political and financial forces. This should make 2017 an exciting year for the industry—and therefore, for consumers.

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