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Mahbubul Alam on the Necessity of Merging Silicon Valley Mindset with Motor City Mechanics

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cxousa-logoThe blossoming of the information age has changed the way we think about business, but not all businesses have changed the way they think. Old habits die hard, and the venerable automotive industry has at times been slow to adapt to the technological growth gardened in Silicon Valley. To keep up with the constant pace of technological change, automakers must adopt an attitude of constant innovation.

Silicon Valley-style management relies on data-driven tools, cloud-based communication, and lean, creative thinking to stay ahead in the fast-paced tech space. Automakers can borrow these new tools to benefit from the new opportunities created by modern technological disruptions. By altering legacy processes and investing in the right upcoming technologies, Mahbubul Alam, CTO of Movimento, positioned his company to compete and thrive in the new, software-driven automotive industry. Writing for CXOUSA, Alam uses his experience to explain:

Internal tools were critical, but so were adopting the right new technologies. We weren’t limited to technologies commonly found in the auto industry, but rather we examined what was successful in other industries and selected what would best help us achieve our long-term product goals. This included technologies not always familiar to the staff, such as cloud computing, virtualization, open source, advanced mobile/wireless networking, cyber security, Big Data, and Internet of Things. These have become the foundation of the connected, software-defined car that will represent personal transportation in the years ahead.

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