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Mahbubul Alam Describes the Route Forward for AI in the Auto Industry for IoT News

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mahbubul alam writes for IoT news on automotive AICars are getting smarter. In 2017, many technologies that would have seemed like comic book inventions just a few decades ago (such as self-parking, collision avoidance systems, and drifting warnings) have become increasingly common. Thanks to the data-driven innovation of Silicon Valley, automakers in Detroit and elsewhere are integrating advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into their automotive offerings.

But that’s just the beginning. With a critical mass of foundational knowledge established, the auto industry is poised for an even more rapid inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in their products. Within the next eight years, the installation rate of AI-based systems is expected to climb an incredible 109% over the rate in 2015. AI and machine learning will demonstrate their utility in voice recognition, computer vision, optimization of internal algorithms and upgrades, efficient rule-based decision making systems, and the usage of smart robots in dealership repair.

In this article for IoT News, Movimento CTO Mahbubul Alam states:

Industry analysts are unanimous about the increasing intelligence of cars in years to come. These smart, networked computers on wheels will improve our lives in many ways. Gartner Group predicts that in just four years, there will be a quarter of a billion connected vehicles on the road, which will make possible new in-vehicle services and expanded automated driving capabilities.  AI technology will enable tomorrow’s car to better understand our needs and be able to react to and learn from us just as fellow humans do.  Ideally, AI-driven cars will improve on us humans and actually learn from the mistakes they make.

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