Mahbubul Alam on What Cars and Smartphones Can Learn from Each Other

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Can cars and smartphones share the same software updating model?The world-changing success of smartphones has led many observers to assume that the way our phones do things (like update their software) is an ideal model for other technology. As the car becomes an extension of our digital life, a moving and self-driving smartphone, that paradigm is being questioned. Cars are far more complex—and their software updates far more challenging—than smartphones. So where do we look for a better model?

Writing for Mobility Tech Zone, Movimento CTO Mahbubul Alam argues that cars should be thought of less as phones, and more as rooms: large areas with many different components. These components require an adaptive and flexible software updating solution akin to the methods used by Google Chromebooks. By understanding the complicated needs of the connected car, OEMs can prepare for the cellular future. Alam explains:

The idea behind this “diff” technology, as Google calls it, is creating a delta or differential between the previous version of the software and the new version it is intending to update to. The party updating the software takes an audit of what the user has on his/her connected device and just sends the new updated information.

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